New survey finds 60% of Jamaicans living abroad use WhatsApp as their primary way to stay in touch (infographic)

Dublin, Ireland - 6th of January 2017 – A new survey has found that 60% of Jamaicans use WhatsApp as their primary way of keeping in touch with their loved ones.

The survey was conducted by Ding, the world’s largest mobile top-up provider. Ding surveyed members of the Jamaican diaspora community who use their service to send top-up to their friends and family back home in Jamaica.

Ding helps thousands of Jamaican’s to send prepaid mobile top-up to FLOW and Digicel Jamaica numbers every day.

The survey results indicated that 73% of respondents use their mobile phone as the main way they access the internet.

Of the respondents, 46% of people said that their spouse was the first person they call with good news. 72% said they could not live without their phone.

Speaking about the findings, Brand & Communications Manager for Ding, Leslie Prendergast, had the following comment, ‘Mobile phones are a vital resource for people living abroad and we wanted to find out how the Jamaican diaspora is using theirs to keep in touch. It was interesting to find out that 62% of respondents spend more than 5 hours daily on their phones. Family and friends are such a massive part of Jamaican culture and we are delighted to play a role in helping them to connect with their loved ones.’


*Note: The results of the survey are based on responses from 135 of Ding’s customers who regularly send prepaid mobile credit to Jamaica. The survey was conducted in December 2016. 

Ding expands reach in Africa with addition of CVMovel Cape Verde

Dublin, Ireland - 3rd January 2017 - Ding, the world's largest top-up network has partnered with CVMovel to offer international top-up to Cape Verde for the first time. 

Members of the Cape Verdean diaspora community will now be able to send pre-paid mobile phone credit to their friends and family back home instantly via, Ding's mobile apps or in any of over 600,000 retail locations worldwide.

The addition of CVMovel Cape Verde brings the total number of African countries available through Ding to 90, expanding Ding's already impressive reach of over 400 operators in 130 countries globally.

Commenting on the partnership, Head of Operators at Ding, Stephen Slattery had the following to say;

'We are thrilled to partner with CVMovel to deliver international top-ups to Cape Verde. A topped-up mobile phone is a vital resource which enables people to stay connected and access data. This collaboration will simplify the process of sending home value for the thousands of Cape Verdeans living abroad who want to support their loved ones back home.'

Francisco Almedia, Managing Director of CVMovel commented, 'For CVMovel this partnership is an important step in widening the range of coverage, using the Ding network, making it possible to hundreds of thousands of emigrants, spread around the world to send mobile phone credits to their relatives in Cape Verde.'  

Ding expands network reach to over 400 operators globally

Dublin, Ireland - 21st September 2016 – Ding, the world’s largest mobile top-up provider, has announced partnerships with 11 new German operators bringing the total number of operators available through the service to over 400.

From today, customers can send a top-up to Ay Yildiz Germany, Base Germany, CallMobile Germany, Congstar Ebay Germany, Congstar Germany, Fyve Germany, MTV Germany, Ortel Germany, Otelo Germany, RTL Mobile Germany and Vybemobil Germany phones with Ding.

To send a top-up customers simply visit, enter the receiver’s number, select the amount they want to send, and pay. Alternatively, top-up can be sent via the Ding mobile apps which are available on both iOS and Android.

Commenting on the addition of the operators, Adam Ferguson, Head of Online Marketing at Ding said: “We are delighted to be able to extend our mobile top-up service to even more members of the global diaspora community. With over 400 operators now available, we proud to be the world’s leader in top-up, pioneering the international mobile recharge sector.’ 

Ding acquires French retail mobile top-up company TransfertCredit

Dublin, Ireland, 10 August 2016 - Ding the world’s largest international mobile top-up network, has announced today that it has acquired retail top-up company, TransfertCredit.

Founded in 2011, TransfertCredit is a French-based service that has grown its retail network to over 1,000 merchants across the country. They have pioneered international mobile top-up in France to a wide range of diaspora communities, predominately from African regions including Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco and Algeria, and Caribbean countries such as Haiti. 

With an existing presence in over 500,000 retail locations globally, the acquisition will enable Ding to bring its unrivalled service capabilities to TransfertCredit’s already impressive retail footprint.

Ding is presently connected to more than 360 operators in over 130 countries, with over 70 of these based in African nations. The two companies will be working closely together in conjunction with mobile operators in Francophone regions to promote the service throughout the French Republic and to deliver a compelling customer experience. 

Mark Roden, Chief Executive Officer at Ding commented, “Because of the technology you have access to in the Fintech space, it is easy to get caught up in reimaging your business model – focussing too much on future technology and applications rather than the here and now.  At Ding we are focussed on cementing our position as the world’s leading international mobile top-up business, on continuing to deliver an unrivalled global product and providing great service to our customers.  The acquisition of TransfertCredit is key in implementing this strategy and it gives us further access to the African and Caribbean diaspora in France,” He added: “TransfertCredit has successfully developed a strong presence in the French retail market and built an impressive network of stores. Furthermore, we believe Wilfrid and the team share our ambition to deliver an unrivalled customer-centric offering.”

Wilfrid Lecoutre, Chief Executive Officer and founder of TransfertCredit said, “The acquisition was a good fit as both companies are committed to delivering the best service to our customers. We have a shared entrepreneurial passion for connecting people through mobile top-up.

To date, TransfertCredit has supported the diaspora community in France, and we are delighted to be working with Ding to expand our reach. Ding is the world leader in mobile top-up, and we are excited about the opportunities for TransfertCredit as a part of a wider, global network.”

New survey finds 70% of Cuban internet users use local WIFI hotspots every week (infographic)

Dublin, Ireland, 07 June 2016 – A new survey has revealed that 70% of Cuban internet users use WIFI hotspots every week to access the internet, with 39% of those surveyed using the service every day.

WIFI hotspots provided through the government service, Nauta, allow Cuban residents internet access through permanent access accounts. According to the research, 51% of respondents to the survey did not have access to the internet prior to the introduction of Nauta.

See the full findings of the survey in the infographic below;


Of those surveyed 62% of Cuban internet users receive mobile recharge from abroad. The survey was conducted by Ding, the world’s largest mobile top-up network, which allows anyone in the world to send recharge to any prepaid phone in Cuba. Using the service, Nauta permanent access accounts can also be recharged from abroad. 

40 million Chinese diaspora abroad can now instantly transfer airtime via Ding

Dublin, Ireland, 30 May 2016 - Ding has partnered with 3 of China’s largest mobile operators to allow diaspora to transfer top-up to Chinese cell phones from abroad. 

The addition of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicorn to and the Ding mobile apps will enable people globally to instantly send a top-up to China. 

With an estimated 40 million Chinese people living away from home, the new service provides a convenient way to instantly top-up the phones of their families in China. 

On the announcement, Ding CEO Mark Roden commented: ‘The addition of the Chinese operators is a huge milestone for us at Ding. Using the Ding service, millions of Chinese diaspora will be empowered to support loved ones back home in a simple, safe and secure way.’ 

With a reach of over 4 billion phones and 350 operators in 130 countries Ding is helping to deliver a top-up every second of everyday. 


Ding partners with Bangladeshi operators to empower diaspora abroad to support loved ones at home

Dublin, Ireland, 25 May 2016 – The world’s largest mobile top-up network is proud to announce the addition of 5 new operators, empowering diaspora living abroad to send top-up to Bangladeshi phones for the first time. 

The partnership with Airtel, Baglalink, Grameenphone, Robi and Teletalk Bangladesh will enable the estimated 9.5 million Bangladeshi people currently living abroad a safe and secure way to transfer value to the phones of loved ones in seconds. 

Mark Roden, CEO of Ding commented: ‘We are delighted to have partnered with the Bangladeshi operators. A mobile phone powered by Ding top-up provides immediate communication and also provides the recipient in Bangladesh with access to data and internet, which are now vital resources for connecting with loved ones abroad.’

With over 350 mobile operators in 130 countries with a global reach of 4 billion phones, Ding is helping thousands of people globally to communicate with friends and family abroad every day. 

Ding CEO Mark Roden interviewed by Money Matters

Ding CEO Mark Roden recently spoke to Tadhg Enright and Vanessa Cuddeford from Money Matters.

In the interview, Mark outlines how Ding is helping to top-up phones in emerging markets and the importance of the service for diaspora globally. 

Watch the full interview below: 

New service allows Cuban Nauta accounts to be recharged internationally

Miami, FL (October 6, 2015) – Ding, the world’s largest international top-up provider, is working in partnership with the national Cuban telecommunications provider, ETECSA, to enable Cubans abroad top up Nauta internet accounts in Cuba, from anywhere in the world.

Nauta gives Cuban residents access to the internet, available throughout the island via a network of more than 600 existing public Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots, are in great demand and are available 24 hours daily, with up to 100 people using individual Wi-Fi hotspots simultaneously in each. The number of hotspots is expected to increase in the coming months, and to provide access to all communities in Cuba in the near future. 

ETECSA connection fees on the island are currently 2 CUC per hour. While the service is only available on a national level, it is now possible to internationally recharge Nauta permanent access accounts from anywhere in the world, thanks to the agreement between ETECSA and Ding. 

Since 2010, ETECSA and Ding have worked closely together to help Cuban families stay connected across the globe with mobile phone recharging. Ding has subsequently helped customers to send nearly 8 million top-ups to Cuban phones.  Commenting on the relationship between the two companies, Erika Zambrano, Head of Americas Operators at Ding said, ‘Thanks to the joint effort of ETECSA and Ding, we have helped millions of Cubans to stay in touch via mobile recharges. Now, we are delighted to bring our relationship  with ETECSA a step further, enabling customers to recharge Cuban Nauta accounts from anywhere in the world. Through this new service, Cubans living abroad have greater capacity to connect with loved ones and to send a tangible, life-changing gift.’ enables people to top-up Nauta accounts anywhere, at any time.

The service can be accessed at:  (Spanish) (English)

Ding joins forces with iSend

Dublin, Ireland, 5th July 2015 - Ding, the leading international top-up provider has merged with iSend, a global electronic payment network based in the US. The combined organisation operates an unrivalled service that can deliver top-up to mobile phones around the world in seconds and cements the company’s position as global leader of international top-up.

Ding CEO Mark Roden said: “By combining our strengths and new found scale, the Ding-iSend team will take international top-up to the next level by offering the widest array of mobile operators and the most reliable technical infrastructure.”

The merger will also see Ding significantly expand its Americas retail distribution. Building on its already remarkable reach of 500,000 outlets globally, iSend bring an additional 150,000 retail stores, mainly in North America.

CEO of iSend, Steve LaBella said “We are delighted to be working with Ding as we feel each party brings its unique own strengths to the table and I am confident that together we will be able to provide the fastest and safest mobile top-up service to our customers worldwide.”