Ding reaches extraordinary milestone of completing 300 million top-ups

Dublin, 3rd September, 2018 – Ding is delighted to announce that today the company passed the incredible milestone of completing its 300 millionth top-up. Ding, which was created in 2006, was set up to enable the global diaspora to send top-up securely and instantly to the mobile phones of loved ones back home. Today, the company made its 300 millionth connection.

Commenting on the extraordinary milestone, Mark Roden, founder and CEO at Ding said: “We set out with the desire to change billions of lives by accelerating mobile access, and we are proud to say we are doing this every day via the Ding platform.”

He added: “Ding has built a digital highway connecting family overseas with family back home and as we hit the extraordinary milestone of 300 million top-ups we feel we are just getting started and are particularly excited about the future.”

The business is in an unprecedented growth phase as the number of prepaid phones in the world swells to four billion, or 76% of mobile phones, and with one quarter out of credit at any one time – the appetite for top-up has never been greater. Ding now has more than 200+ employees and operates across nine offices around the world.

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About Ding

Ding was founded to change billions of lives by accelerating mobile access. As the number one international mobile top-up platform in the world, Ding has been keeping people connected since 2006, when it launched this first-of-a-kind service. Today, Ding’s users have successfully sent over 300 million top-ups globally, via the app, online at Ding.com, and in-store at over 600,000+ retail outlets worldwide.

The number of prepaid mobile phones is growing and now accounts for 76% of the world’s five billion phones, with one quarter offline and in need of top-up at any one time – highlighting the need for Ding’s frictionless and instant mobile top-up. In fact, Ding delivers a top-up every second, via 500+ operators, across 140+ countries – helping families and friends around the world to stay connected.

Ding is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and has regional offices in Barcelona, Bucharest, Dhaka, Dubai, New Jersey, Miami, Paris, and San Salvador. Ding’s culturally diverse team of more than 200 people reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, potentially life-changing technology to developed and emerging markets alike.






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