Ding doubles footprint in France as it rolls out top-up platform

Ding, the largest international mobile top-up platform in the world, announced today that as demand for top-up soars and the business expands, the company has now almost doubled the footprint of its platform in stores across France. This means that users can now use Ding to top-up their own phone, or the phone of a loved one back home, in even more retail outlets across France.

Ding’s platform enables a wide range of diaspora living in France, including African and Caribbean immigrants, to send international mobile top-up to the phones of family and friends in countries including Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Haiti.

Commenting on the incredible roll-out, Mark Roden, Ding founder said: “Across the globe, we are seeing huge demand for our product, and as our business evolves – so too does our footprint in countries like France. We are extremely excited to reach this milestone – and this is great news for our users, who are at the heart of our business.”

He added: “We are in a new phase of growth for our company and we are excited about the opportunities we are seeing in Europe, and the rest of the world.”

In just two years, Ding has almost doubled the footprint of stores offering its international top-up product. In 2016, Ding acquired Distribenligne TransferCredit, a company which pioneered international mobile top-up in France, with over 500 retail locations in France, and the business has grown steadily since. As has the prepaid mobile market, which now equates to 76% of world’s mobile phones, or as much as 90% of mobiles in emerging markets.

David McGuinness, head of B2B Product at Ding said: “This roll-out means that Ding’s retail partners in France are now on the same platform as its other partners worldwide giving them access to the best retail top-up platform in the world – DingConnect.”

The global diaspora living in France send top-up to mobile phones in North Africa, Haiti, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan - among other regions. Ding currently connects to over 500+ operators across more than 140+ countries, providing international mobile top-up at the touch of a button.

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Notes to editors:

About Ding

Ding was founded to change billions of lives by accelerating mobile access. As the number one international mobile top-up platform in the world, Ding has been keeping people connected since 2006, when it launched this first-of-a-kind service. Today, Ding’s users have successfully sent over 300 million top-ups globally, via the app, online at Ding.com, and in-store at over 600,000+ retail outlets worldwide.

The number of prepaid mobile phones is growing and now accounts for 76% of the world’s five billion phones, with one quarter offline and in need of top-up at any one time – highlighting the need for Ding’s frictionless and instant mobile top-up. In fact, Ding delivers a top-up every second, via 500+ operators, across 140+ countries – helping families and friends around the world to stay connected.

Ding is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and has regional offices in Barcelona, Bucharest, Dhaka, Dubai, New Jersey, Miami, Paris, and San Salvador. Ding’s culturally diverse team of more than 200 people reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, potentially life-changing technology to developed and emerging markets alike.