Irish Fintech Company Ding Empowers Refugees with Prepaid Phone Credit for World Refugee Day

Dublin, Ireland – 19th June 2017 – The world’s largest mobile top-up network Ding, has partnered with Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People (PCRF) to recharge phones of displaced people worldwide. 

According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are an estimate 65.3 million forcibly displaced people with 21.3 million refugees worldwide in 2017. The United Nations has designated the 20th of June each year to recognise those who have been forced to flee their homelands due to conflicts, violence and threats of persecution.

In times of crisis, a mobile phone is a powerful resource for refugees, enabling them to keep in touch with loved ones, to source information and to stay up to date with the latest news from their home country. Without credit however, prepaid mobile phones are useless.

Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People is a charity that was established in 2016 to resolve this issue. The charity uses a Facebook group to take requests from refugees for top-up and fulfils them with donations from the public. To date, they have helped to deliver over 26,000 top-ups to people in need at a value of over £500,000. Through the work of the charity, top-up has been sent to over 30 countries.

Ding is an Irish Fintech company founded in 2006, the enables anyone in world to instantly send credit to prepaid mobile phones in over 130 countries worldwide. Connected to 400 mobile operators, the company has a reach of 4 billion phones globally.

Ding is supporting Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People with monthly donations and promotion through social media. In honour of World Refugee Day, Ding has donated an additional $1000 worth of top-up to the cause.

Commenting on the relationship, Adam Ferguson, Head of Online Marketing at Ding said, ‘We are living through challenging times where sadly, on a daily basis, we are seeing refugee crisis worsen. A mobile phone is vital resource for connecting the unconnected; most significantly, it democratises access to data. The work PCFR do is helping to change the lives of thousands of people in a very tangible and practical way. We are very proud to support the work of PCRF to empower displaced people globally.’