Topping-up educations in Pakistan this Ramadan

Ding partners with CARE Pakistan topping-up 1,700 teachers’ mobile phones during Ramadan.

Dublin, Ireland, 1st June 2015 - The world’s largest international top-up provider, Ding have launched an exciting new partnership with CARE Pakistan, a not-for-profit organisation that educates 180,000 children across Pakistan. By donating mobile top-up to the phones of the teachers employed by CARE Pakistan, Ding will give this 1,700-strong team ready access to data and thereby the wealth of educational aids and information online.

CARE Pakistan are the latest organisation to join Ding’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, ‘Top-up for Good’. With an unrivalled global network which can reach 4 billion phones across 130 countries, Ding established the programme with the clear objective of getting more top-up on to more mobile phones of people in otherwise marginalised circumstances. Since early 2015 the company has been identifying existing customers who use the international top-up service for a good purpose and supporting them by offering additional credit.

Pakistan is in desperate need of educational support; the nation has the third highest number of illiterate adults in the world, 5.1 million children are currently not attending school with a large gender disparity and educational funding continues to decline. CARE Pakistan is a uniquely modelled foundation that takes over government run schools and then puts higher quality educational programmes in place employing well-qualified teachers and incorporating an effective monitoring system.

This partnership comes during Ramadan, a time when most Pakistani’s are turning their thoughts to charitable deeds and Ding are proud to be able to play their part.

Keep your loved ones in Pakistan topped-up this Ramadan.