Mobile phones to exceed human beings in 2014

There will be 7.3 billion mobile phones on the planet by the end of this year but ding* CEO, Mark Roden warns this might not be as good as it sounds.

Dublin, Ireland – 3rd September 2014 - Mobile phones will reach a staggering 7.3 billion by the end 2014 - meaning for the first time in history there will more mobiles than humans, reports Silicon India.

ding*, the world’s largest international mobile top-up provider's CEO, Mark Roden, welcomes the news saying: “Mobile phones have the ability to drastically improve lives in some of the poorest parts of the world where communications are restricted.”

However, he warns the announcement may not be as sweet as it sounds. “No matter how many mobiles exist - they are a useless tool unless they have credit. We are excited at the growth of mobile phones across the world and our mission now, is to help ensure these phones stay topped-up.”

With more than USD$ 400billion transferred in money remittances every year, international top-up is an easy, fast and safe alternative to support home. Researchers at ding* have found that mobile phone owners in developing countries will forgo groceries to top-up their phones and confirmed that as many as 44 percent of ding* customers consider the service a “need”.

Mobile phones play an increasingly important role in developing countries where, despite 60% of people living on less than $2 a day, the majority own mobile phones. A topped-up mobile phone makes it easier for people to communicate and gives them access to information through data. In a way, it’s no surprise Google have just confirmed that more people on the earth have access to a mobile than a toothbrush.