Mexican Diaspora send 200% more top-up

New figures released by Ding, the world’s largest international top-up provider show Mexicans living abroad double the amount of mobile top-up they are sending home.

Dublin, Ireland, 3rd March 2015 - Since the beginning of 2015, Ding has seen growth of nearly 200% in the Mexican migrant population using international top-up alongside traditional money remittance. As mobile phones become increasingly important in daily lives, Mexicans in the US, Canada and beyond are choosing to keep the phones of loved ones back home recharged as a new, safer and more convenient compliment to money remittance. With this record growth over the last two months, Mexico is fast becoming one of the top receiving nations for mobile top-up from abroad.

“The news comes as no surprise,” says Ding CEO Mark Roden. “The Mexican Diaspora sends $25 billion back to Mexico each year making them the 5th largest senders of money remittance in the world. With phones continuing to play a larger role in education, banking and productivity in Mexico, international top-up seems to be a natural progression for this community.”

Accessible on the Ding mobile app, and in 500,000 retail outlets around the world, people can instantly recharge phones of family & friends in Mexico at any time. “The real benefit of Ding is the instant connection it delivers for people separated by distance. A phone recharged by Ding allows loved ones to start chatting or to get online within seconds,” adds Roden.

On the growth rates Roden commented: “We are delighted to be the leading international top-up provider for the global Mexican community and will continue to be the most reliable. By enabling workers abroad to top-up the mobile phones of loved ones back home, we hope to make their lives that bit easier through the power of connection.”

Ding are connected Mexican mobile operators MovistarTelcelNextelIusacell and Unefon.