New service allows Cuban Nauta accounts to be recharged internationally

Miami, FL (October 6, 2015) – Ding, the world’s largest international top-up provider, is working in partnership with the national Cuban telecommunications provider, ETECSA, to enable Cubans abroad top up Nauta internet accounts in Cuba, from anywhere in the world.

Nauta gives Cuban residents access to the internet, available throughout the island via a network of more than 600 existing public Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots, are in great demand and are available 24 hours daily, with up to 100 people using individual Wi-Fi hotspots simultaneously in each. The number of hotspots is expected to increase in the coming months, and to provide access to all communities in Cuba in the near future. 

ETECSA connection fees on the island are currently 2 CUC per hour. While the service is only available on a national level, it is now possible to internationally recharge Nauta permanent access accounts from anywhere in the world, thanks to the agreement between ETECSA and Ding. 

Since 2010, ETECSA and Ding have worked closely together to help Cuban families stay connected across the globe with mobile phone recharging. Ding has subsequently helped customers to send nearly 8 million top-ups to Cuban phones.  Commenting on the relationship between the two companies, Erika Zambrano, Head of Americas Operators at Ding said, ‘Thanks to the joint effort of ETECSA and Ding, we have helped millions of Cubans to stay in touch via mobile recharges. Now, we are delighted to bring our relationship  with ETECSA a step further, enabling customers to recharge Cuban Nauta accounts from anywhere in the world. Through this new service, Cubans living abroad have greater capacity to connect with loved ones and to send a tangible, life-changing gift.’ enables people to top-up Nauta accounts anywhere, at any time.

The service can be accessed at:  (Spanish) (English)