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Ding’s new App takes an intuitive approach to topping-up


It has been a busy Summer at Ding with the release of the new App and a brand refresh, as well as the release of Ding’s API to the world. With expansion and growth high on the list of priorities – Ding announced a number of hires including one in Canada, which will support the plan to further expand in this market.

June saw the long-awaited launch of the new Ding app, as well as a brand refresh. And so far, users are giving it a resounding thumbs-up.

The new app, which was built using the latest technologies, aims to accelerate mobile access and deliver the joy of connection, while providing a world class experience for users.

When Ding set about creating a new app – the team sat down and simply asked - what would our user want? This led to the undertaking of extensive user research in order to ensure the delivery of an app which would tick all the boxes for users and meet the high expectations of a diverse global, userbase.

What’s so great about it?

The insights were used to create an intuitive app, which empowers users to stay connected, via a fast, and more frictionless top-up process, while providing a more streamlined and personalised experience for customers. It’s an all-round faster experience.

The iOS app was developed using the latest Swift programming language, and the Android app, in the next generation Kotlin language, which yields significant performance gains. These technologies provide a faster experience and allows the user to send, or resend, top-up in just a few clicks – accelerating the connection of loved ones.

What’s next?


The technology used also lays the foundations for Ding to deliver exciting new features and products to users, creating entirely new services for them as the Ding platform evolves.

Internally the new app utilises a clean code architecture using the best design principles, supported by hundreds of automated tests – this allows Ding to deliver a reliable, crash-free user experience with a small download size. The app also uses a new high performance, low bandwidth mobile API designed to deliver the best possible performance even in low bandwidth networks.

Releasing the DingConnect API to the world

In July, Ding announced that it is releasing its DingConnect API to the world. As the number of prepaid phones in the world grows to four billion, or 76% of mobile phones, and with one quarter out of credit at any one time – the appetite for top-up has never been greater. The release means anyone can now integrate directly with Ding’s cutting-edge technology and sell or offer mobile top-up as a compliment to their existing website or app.

The JSON API makes it possible for a business to layer the top-up function into their existing applications without having to have the expertise to build it from scratch, and they immediately get connected to the Ding network of 500+ mobile operators, in over 140 countries around the world.  

"DingConnect opens up the world of selling top-up to a whole new audience..."

Commenting on the innovation, David McGuinness, Head of B2B products at Ding said: “DingConnect opens up the world of selling top-up to a whole new audience – for instance a retailer could offer top-up as a loyalty bonus for its customers; a gaming company can offer top-up as a reward for gamers; a food delivery company could offer top-up as a customer service gift when things go wrong etc. It has become just another form of value.”

Canada expansion

To follow on from our expansion in the US with our New Jersey office, which opened earlier his year, Ding is expanding its business in Canada with a new hire for the region.  

Mr. Harry Felix joins Ding as a Business Development Consultant for Canada and will be based in Montreal. He joins from Digicel, where he spent six years developing and researching new distribution networks across the country – driving business growth and coordinating marketing and promotional initiatives. In Canada, Ding’s platform enables the local diaspora to send instant top-up to family and friends back home in the Caribbean – including Jamaica & Haiti.


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